Wheeltime Network Honors ATI’s Graduation With Special Speaker

Wheeltime Network Honors ATI’s Graduation With Special Speaker

Wheeltime Network

At our most recent ATI graduation, Mr. George Arrants flew in from Houston, Texas to be our graduation speaker. Mr. Arrants is currently the Director of Strategic Development for BASE Air Management and Director of Training and Recruitment for the Wheeltime Network which includes Wheel Time University.

This was a dual purpose trip for Arrants. In addition to speaking at our graduation, he spoke to all of ATI’s Heavy Vehicle students about career opportunities with Wheeltime Network. This organization represents over 200 diesel repair shops nationwide giving interested ATI graduates opportunities to work and live most anywhere they want.

Future Tech 2017

 Future Tech is an annual event that has students from post-secondary Technical Schools across the nation competing in a variety of maintenance areas designated by the diesel industry. The competition began four years ago in combination with the Super Tech Competition which tests the skills of professional diesel techs from across the country.  ATI students have been sponsored and competed all four years. Sponsors have been Ryder Truck, and George Arrants, Director of Training for the Wheeltime Network. This year, FedEx sponsored one of ATI’s military veterans Daniel Putnam.

In addition to sponsoring Daniel, they also sent him on an all-expense paid trip to a FedEx training location in Texas to help him prepare for the competition. Mr. Putnam took first in three of the work stations and fourth place overall. George Arrants sponsored two other ATI students who also did well in the competition; Kiley Winslow and Tyler Ellick.

ATI students have finished in the top four, two of the last four years. And most of the students have finished in the top 25%. This says a lot about the quality of ATI’s curriculum.

Congratulations to this year’s competitors.