Student Housing Provides Homes for ATI Students

Student Housing Provides Homes for ATI StudentsDirector of Housing, Kirk Mangham

Department Highlight

Student Housing Provides Homes for ATI StudentsATI started offering student housing back in 1996, and has been quite successful in helping single students coming from outside of the local Hampton Roads area attend school.

The Director of Housing, Kirk Mangham, is the person who ATI depends on to keep all of housing organized and running smoothly.  He has formed partnerships with many Hampton Roads luxury apartments such as Park Crescent, Pelican Watch, Waterfront, Hunters Mill, Indian Lakes, and Runaway Bay. Kirk maintains a relationship with the apartment managers and monitors activities in the apartment complex for the security of the students.

“For the students this can be a very challenging, but extremely exciting time   in their life,” Kirk said, “and    I am here to make this change as easy as possible.”

Kirk oversees housing for four of the ECPI colleges by coordinating the process with financial aid and admissions.

This assures that all students are placed in apartments that will suit their needs. He assigns apartments based on the school students are attending, geographic locations, transportation, and preference for a certain apartment or roommate.

When asked what brought him to Hampton Roads Kirk said, “My wife was in the Navy and she was transferred here. I found this job and applied 15 years ago. I knew it would be a good fit with my career history.”

Kirk’s work history did fit the bill. He served in the Navy, and in law enforcement. The position he held before coming to ATI was property manager for beach resorts in Florida and Alabama. While his wife was on deployment, Kirk raised their two children, maintained his house and kept up with all of the students he  was responsible for in housing.

“It’s a great job”, Kirk said, “I never get bored and I enjoy working with the students, seeing them grow, graduate, and move on to successful careers.”