President’s Corner Spring 2016

ATI President, Dick DaigleATI President: Dick Daigle

As Summer enters full bloom, many students are torn between their enthusiasm for the class work and spending time outdoors pursing recreational activities. It is
hard to keep your focus on the prize when the fish could be biting or your car needs some work. As tough as it is to stay the course, maintaining your focus is critical to your ultimate success…graduation and successful employment! Distractions are all around us. Summer weather isn’t the only challenge. Some students are struggling with class work challenges, while others are homesick and feel drawn to return home before they complete their education. Sticking to your guns and keeping your eye on your goals can help to keep these distractions in perspective.

Staying the course is a true measure of an individual. It speaks to the importance of their goal and the commitment they made to themselves and to their families.
Often times, there are many people supporting a student’s decision to come to school. Everyone involved has invested in the success achieved once the student has walked across the stage with their diploma or degree and is beginning a career he/she once only imagined possible.

There are no short-cuts in education. It takes lots of hard work to make dreams come true. The students at ATI work harder than most. Many students attend school 5.5 hours a day for a year or more to achieve their goals. Those goals are being realized everyday. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but then, nothing worthwhile ever is.

At ATI, we applaud your hard work and continued commitment to your future – a great future begins with you!

– Dick

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