Welding Education Expands at ATI With Additions to Department

Welding Education Expands at ATI With Additions to Department
Welding Education Expands at ATI With Additions to Department

James (Coop) Cooper, Welding Instructor

Written by Ric Rosenberger, Maritime Welding Program Coordinator

As career opportunities in the field of welding continue to rise, so too does the need for quality welding education. There is much more to being a welder than just “burning rods”. What does this symbol mean? How do I decipher these blueprints? What process is best for this material?  What type of filler is this?  All good questions to ask, but not while you’re on the job. Employers expect even their newly hired entry- level welders to have this knowledge, and it is what you will get out of your training at ATI.

Along with theory comes much practice. Proficiency comes with 1,100 clock hours of practice.  Proficiency earns certifications, and certifications are your ticket to a lucrative and rewarding career. ATI’s welding program is an American Welding Society Certified and Accredited Test Facility, meaning your welding test results go on a National database of code certified welders along with a wallet card listing your welding certifications. That, my welder friends, is the foot in the door you’ve been wanting, and an edge over the competition.

Due to the demand we currently face, ATI has expanded our welding lab to accommodate our class sizes. Four new welding booths were constructed which will bring the total number of weld training stations to thirty seven. This is somewhat of a collaboration with our HVAC department as they constructed and installed our new booth ventilation systems. The new booths all have a dedicated light and a 120V outlet for grinders as well as the 230V welding outlet. As with all of our booths, the new weld stands are floor to ceiling and feature a pivoting table and articulated armatures that are fully height and directionally adjustable.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned the two new certifications we will be offering? Coming soon, we will be offering certification opportunities in both Flux Core and TIG welding, on top of the Tack Welder and 6G Pipe already offered. This is the opportunity to walk into the workforce with 4 AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code Certifications under your belt! Talk about setting yourself up for your future….Now is the time!

A special thank you to Chuck, Coop, and the HVAC Department for the quality construction.