President’s Corner Fall 2016

ATI President, Dick DaigleATI President: Dick Daigle

WheelTime Network has begun its WheelTime Connection, a placement and development program for technical school graduates across the country. WheelTime is a leader in the Truck Repair Network industry with 200+ locations throughout North America. They are committed to hiring, retaining and developing the best technicians for their Truck Repair Network. The WheelTime Connection Program will guarantee participating students tools, hands on learning opportunities, mentorships and employment after graduation.

Mr. George Arrants, the Director of Training and Recruitment for the WheelTime Network, which includes WheelTime University, recently visited the ATI campus, and signed a partnership agreement making ATI part of its National Connection Program.

Mr. Arrants and I completed the partnership agreement Wednesday, September 15. Currently, ATI is the only school in Virginia that is a member of the WheelTime Connection.

This is an incredible opportunity for our students and we are truly excited to be a part of the WheelTime Connection.

– Dick

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