Tech Talk Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Battery Life

Tech Talk Tips for Preserving Your Car's Battery Life

Tech Talk Tip: Have you ever been faced with having to leave your automobile in an airport parking lot for three or four weeks, and worried about the battery losing its power before you return? Well, good news. There are plenty of options for this challenge and they are reasonably priced.

A solar powered battery charger plugs into your car’s 12V DC cigarette lighter socket. It is portable and easy to use and you can leave it on your dashboard or anywhere it can absorb direct sunlight.

Another option, found on Amazon as well as other retail outlets is a battery connector (cut off switch). Connecting it to the battery terminal, loosen the green wheel (shown in the picture below). When you return to your car, simply tighten the green wheel, remove the device and you are on your way.