Humidifier Helps with Dry Skin and Much More

Humidifier Helps with Dry Skin and Much More

Tech Talk Tips

We are all familiar with the drying effect winter air has on our skin, but that lack of moisture in the air has another effect as well; it makes us feel cold. Our bodies produce sweat in varying amounts all the time, even in the winter. If the air around you is very dry it will absorb the heat quicker than normal, causing you to feel chilly. The best solution is purchasing a humidifier.

A good humidifier adds humidity (moisture) to the dry air in your home, making you feel warmer at lower temperatures. And lower temperatures mean lower power and gas bills. Other benefits include:

  • Less itchy, dry skin.
  • Reduction in sinus and throat discomfort from dry nasal passages.
  • More restful sleep due to easier breathing and personal comfort.
  • Less stress on wooden floors and other wooden surfaces in your home.

Humidifiers vary in size, type, and cost, so go online or speak with an HVAC technician to see what humidifier works best in your home.

David Philpott, HVAC Program Coordinator