Service Management AOS Program

Many students dream of owning their own businesses in fields for which they have a passion and receive training. Their independence and entrepreneurial drive can only be satisfied by stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking carefully calculated risks. It is an adrenaline rush for these people. The AOS program has helped these students get off on the right foot in pursuit of those dreams.
For others, the Service Management classes reveal how much work and sacrifice is involved in owning a business. They leave with a unique and enhanced knowledge that allows them to become better employees for others. The special ability to understand the “why” things are done and see the “bigger picture” of business makes AOS graduates particularly attractive and more valuable to employers in their field.
Employers are looking for the best employees and those who can offer superior value. In the highly competitive world of business, it is important to find an edge and prove one’s value over other applicants for the same position. The AOS program provides that edge.

The AOS program at ATI has recently been enhanced with two additional courses. The new Accounting and Computer Applications classes not only increase useful knowledge, but also improve one’s appeal to employers. Service Management graduates can spring board ahead of the competition and begin to earn higher wages that much sooner.
Graduating with the AOS degree is a significant accomplishment. It provides a great sense of pride and satisfaction and there is no better investment than the one you make in yourself.

Article by – Joe Roth, Service Management Instructor