Department Highlight: ATI Registrar

Department Highlight: ATI RegistrarShannon with Cenek Picka, Campus Director of Academics

Department Highlight

If you’ve had to change your school status, had record or attendance questions, or needed school verification, then you have met Ms. Shannon Voight.  Shannon is ATI’s Registrar and oversees both the Registrar’s office and the Student Window.

Primarily, Shannon keeps all student records attendance and grades. Her duties don’t end there though. Shannon also fields questions about all manner of academic issues from students, parents, faculty, and staff. In addition, she organizes and runs all formal graduation ceremonies and produces MOD awards.

Department Highlight: ATI Registrar

Pictured students from left: Military Veterans Erick Brazzale and Jason Degelleke

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Shannon said, “Helping students accomplish their goals makes me the happiest.  Second….watching students graduate.”

When she gets to see the students go from just starting to the point where they are walking across the stage, the growth they have experienced is evident, and being a part of that is important to her. Shannon feels that education is extremely important and finding the right education for an individual is paramount. Being a part of students finding their way to solid careers is a rewarding experience.

Shannon enjoys her time at ATI and has a full life outside of it. Her dream is to someday have a small animal rescue and she is pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology. In addition she earned a Business Degree at ECPI University.  She describes her home as a zoo. Along with her husband, John and her two teenagers, they care for a host of critters. Their personal pets include dogs, a cat, an iguana, guinea pigs, and several fish tanks.

With all things in life, Shannon feels that it is most important to keep learning. She looks for opportunities to educate herself in all aspects of life and works hard to encourage her children to do the same.