Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) can be a challenging industry which is exactly why David Stockburger found himself eager to enter the HVAC trade. He loved trouble shooting and the challenging aspects of the commercial service world, so HVAC just seemed to be a natural fit.

David took a big leap and opened his own business. In November 2015 NexGen, LLC was born. For over a decade David had exposure to many HVAC companies and manufacturers, so becoming a business owner was an easy transition. After being in business for only a year, he has commercial accounts as far as Richmond, Virginia.

David’s family helped out in his startup days. His father, Bill Stockburger, is his Operations Manager and his mother, Donna, is the company Accounts Manager.

“My vision for NexGen,” David said, “is to be one of the premier commercial service companies in Hampton Roads.”
David’s father in law, who has been in HVAC for 30 years, has worked with ATI and highly recommended ATI HVAC graduates to David. To date, David has hired 4 of ATI’s HVAC graduates.

David said, “ATI students are well rounded when they graduate and have a solid foundation base for the industry. And that base is well suited for us to build on. We build on their great knowledge and experience when they come on board with us. I am looking forward to bringing on future techs from ATI to become part of the team and grow with us. My dream and goal for this company is to grow to 20 to 30 technicians.”

As a young company, NexGen has grown quickly. They currently employ 9 techs, and David stated he is excited about watching the company’s continued growth.

NexGen is a commercial and industrial HVAC service company and you can find them at