What HVAC Customers Are Saying About ATI Graduates

ATI received an email from Mike Brabble, Ford Motorcraft Technical Trainer in the Northeast Market area, commenting on one of the graduates from the ATI HVAC program.

Mike said, “I wanted to give the HVAC department a kudos for one of their former students that graduated last March. My central Heat/AC unit went out and I contacted Comfort Systems USA to dispatch a repair technician. They sent out Marcus Dickerson and he was prompt in his response and diagnosed the problem within 10 minutes. He retrieved the part and installed it within 2 hours. Marcus was very courteous and professional. I believe it also speaks volumes as to the fact that after just a few months on the job, he has already been given his own work truck to make service calls. I was so impressed I contacted his employer and thanked them for his service. I am also purchasing a maintenance contract from Comfort Systems USA due to his quality service.”

ATI talked to Marcus and found that he had started as a helper with Comfort Systems USA, but was quickly promoted to a technician, after being there only a few months.

When asked what he thought of ATI’s HVAC program he said, “I thought they were easy and the instructors helped to make it that way. I would recommend ATI to anyone interested in learning HVAC.”