Siemens Operations Managers Visit ATI’s Main Campus

Siemens Operations Managers Visit ATI's Main Campus

Michael Tasch, Siemens Operations Manager and Christopher McHugh, Solutions Operations Manager with Siemens of Norfolk, stopped by for a visit and tour of the ATI HVAC program. Dave Philpott, HVAC Coordinator, Kirk Clayton, Career Services Director, Jean Davis, Career Services and Dan Mittendorff from ATI admissions were all part of the meeting. Siemens’s managers gave a great overview of all the places their products could be found. Siemens is very involved in all types of commercial buildings using advanced digital control devices to improve and control many areas of building environments. They control office buildings, schools, and hospitals as well as other large capacity building environments. Mike and Chris toured the ATI facilities and offered suggestions on how ATI could improve the digital control portion of the HVAC course. Mike says although requirements for new techs are stringent there are employment opportunities for those that are interested in working for Siemens.

Kirk Clayton, Director of Career Services