TFC Returns To Advanced Technology Institute To Recruit

TFC Returns To Advanced Technology Institute To RecruitPictured: Hank Brown, Director of Fleet Operations

The partnership between TFC Recycling in Chesapeake and ATI continues to flourish. This was recently evident when representatives from TFC again visited ATI in order to spread their recruiting message to the next group of ATI graduates.TFC Returns To Advanced Technology Institute To Recruit

Vice President of Human Resources, Patrick Carroll and Director of Fleet Operations, Hank Brown visited in order to speak directly to the heavy vehicle students about exciting opportunities for them when they complete their time here at ATI.  In addition, they indicated that there is also part time employment available while students are still attending class.

For Carroll and Brown, ATI has been a continuing source of new eager technicians and drivers (from the heavy vehicle and CDL programs). They return to ATI year after year to talk about the opportunities that graduates have to get involved with TFC when they are “ATI Ready”.

TFC continues to grow in the area becoming the largest recycling fleet in Hampton Roads.  With its continued investment in Natural Gas technology they see the future as even brighter for the organization and the lucky ones that come on board with TFC.

Michael O’Brien, Career Services Advisor