Hard Work Doesn’t Get Him Down

He is now a Fleet Maintenance Supervisor at Penske, and he is hiring graduates from ATI. That would be Doru Zaharuk—a guy who doesn’t let hard work get him down. Doru completed the ATI Commercial Driving program and obtained a Class A, CDL, and then completed Diesel Technology, Automotive Technology, and Service Management by 2016.

Doru said, “If you dedicate yourself 100%, you can get the most out of any school in Virginia. But other schools’ graduates don’t have a quarter of the knowledge that ATI
students receive. I look for graduates from ATI to hire for Penske because of that knowledge.”

An 8 year Navy veteran, Doru is originally from Romania and lived part of his life in California. He began his career at Penske in 2014 and began his job changing oil.

Doru moved up to doing minor repairs which lead to a technician position. And then was quickly promoted 7 months ago to Fleet and Maintenance Supervisor.

“I have a passion for turning wrenches,” Doru said, “This will be the career I stay in for the rest of my life. Being around this all day long is what makes me happy.”