ATI Scholarships Awarded at SkillsUSA Welding Competition

ATI Scholarships Awarded at Skills USA Welding CompetitionATI Freshman Admissions Advisor, Dan Mittendorff, first place winner, Robert Locker and New Horizon’s Instructor, Ed Dupree

ATI awarded scholarships to District 4, SkillsUSA Welding competition winners.  The competition was hosted at Arcadia High School, Badger Technical Center North, in Accomack County in February 2017. ATI scholarships were awarded in March to the top three winners.

The scholarships winners were, first place $3,000 to Robert Locker, New Horizons Butler Farm, second place, $2,000 to Elijah Wright, New Horizons Woodside, and third place $1,000 to Jose’ Melendez, New Horizons Butler Farm. Instructors Ed Dupree, New Horizons Butler Farm, and Mark Clarke, New Horizons Woodside campus were glad to see their students rewarded for their hard work.